What is it?

CranioSacral therapy is a subtle, gentle and often very profound way of listening to your body and assisting it to do what it needs to do to heal.

Much of the approach used was developed by Dr John Upledger, originally from osteopathic traditions. It works with a subtle rhythmic movement that originates from the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The gentle tension from the movement of this fluid affects the membranes (the ‘meninges’) that line the skull and spinal column. This rhythm reflects throughout the body and can be picked up by a practitioners hands placed only lightly on the body. Anomalies in the rhythm help us assess and show us areas where there may be restrictions and problems.

A number of people have contributed to the development of the field and all have a few observations in common: that there are rhythms in the body different from the breathing or cardiovascular rhythms; that problems in different parts of the body can be picked up from noticing disruptions in the rhythmic patterns; that symptoms can be experienced in different parts of the body from the key restriction; and that these restrictions can be treated best by allowing the body to do what it needs to do – it knows best!

That said, there are some wonderful techniques that have been developed to address specific problems. They are always very gentle, respectful, usually quite subtle, and frequently bring very noticeable results. The re-alignment of fascia, soft tissue, bones and even the energetic matrix of the body improves many aspects of our bodies and health.



What is SER? SomatoEmotional Release

SER, or SomatoEmotional Release, is an additional aspect of the Upledger therapeutic approach that recognises the existence and importance of the mind-body connection. When there is an emotional or energetic component to a problem, perhaps suppressing the ability of body tissues to release and let go, gentle and unobtrusive dialogue and communication with the mind and body can help release the trauma, energy or emotional blocks and allow the body to return to improved or full function.

Why I love it

CranioSacral work is anatomically precise and specific whilst also incorporating the emotional, energetic and spiritual parts of us all. It is an all-encompassing approach to bodywork treatment and I have found it to be very helpful for both myself and many, many clients.

Case Study

At 8 weeks old Tom was brought in to see me with his Mum. His birth had been a long and tiring experience for them both. Tom was a very unsettled and windy baby and he had been diagnosed with colic. Craniosacral treatment for both Tom and his Mum allowed the release of some subtle restrictions in their systems. After a couple of treatment sessions his Mum reported he was a much more settled and happy baby and was feeding and sleeping well.